by Mabel Reid-Wallace

Till the soil Emmett!

Unleash the voices of the souls, so longingly dormant

Release their cries for justice, and let others heed their call

Rise up and till the earth

Create a new surface of equity and humanity

A surface which will breathe new life into our world of darkness

New soil that will welcome a new way of living

Living, not existing in a world of fear and seemingly disguised oppression


Till the soil Emmett!

Bring the souls to the party of reform

Breathe life into Medgar, Martin, Marcus, and Malcolm

Speak their truth to the powers that be, but are no longer powerful

Lift off the veil that has too long shrouded our thinking of who holds the power

Guide this uprising into a new platform of empathy, understanding and true peace

Remove the wicked, so that they may no longer walk among us

Let them languish under the newly overturned earth

The earth to which you were all sent to Rest in Peace


Till the soil Emmett!

How can one rest in peace when one's soul has been assaulted?

How can one find peace when they were faced with madness as their last view?

For too long peace has ben the reward of the oppressor, not the oppressed

Peace that was not earned, but stolen and privately owned

Owned and cultivated as wealth, that we have been taught to covet

Teach us to reject this notion, as it is a false reality

A reality based in greed and white supremacy that has permeated our soil

Till the Soil Emmett!

No Justice, No Peace!

June 5, 2020