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Lunes a Viernes, 8:30am - 6:00pm
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Donate to METCO

You can help sustain a national model for school desegregation.

In a time when schools are more segregated than they were in the 1950s, METCO creates learning environments where students, parents and teachers of different backgrounds can appreciate diversity, build lifelong friendships, and prepare young people to become global citizens.

Now METCO is modernizing. 

Your support will make our operations more efficient and equitable, our communications more engaging, and our student support more comprehensive and innovative!

You can donate online or mail your donation to METCO, Inc., 40 Dimock Street, Roxbury, MA 02119.

Your contribution will enhance these essential programs:

  • School Readiness: Every incoming kindergarten METCO student has access to prep on par with what the average suburban child receives. Partnership with JumpStart.
  • Summer School: Avoids summer academic loss through intensive programming; six weeks, grades K-6.
  • After School Academic Program: Rigorous academic support for struggling students.

METCO University: Educational classes and workshops that provide parents with tools to become strong advocates for their children, resulting in improved student outcomes. Topics include parenting skills, bullying, cyber safety, etc. Partnership with Families First.


College Boot Camp: Ensure that every METCO student is prepared for the college admissions and financing process. Classes and one-on-one counseling; partnership with Chyten.


Full-scale mentorship program between METCO alumni and existing students. Partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters.


Team of Social Workers: Expand our intervention services across districts to address issues of bullying, inclusion, behavior, and academics. Includes two social workers of color to build affinity and understanding of unique experiences.


Neighborhood Walking Tour: Experiential high school learning project; generates deeper understanding of METCO’s history through research and production of a walking tour. Highlights local civil rights leaders and historical sites, helps integrate racially isolated communities, reduce bias, and build relationships between diverse populations.


Current key research areas include the impact of METCO on participating urban students (short- and long-term) and the effect of increased classroom diversity on suburban districts, schools, and students.

  • Professional Development: Training in cultural competency, unconscious bias, equitable discipline practices, and inclusive curriculum.
  • Building Inclusive Communities: Identify and address specific district challenges toward building a welcoming environment by providing expert trainers, facilitators, and workshops.
  • Racial Incidents Support: Guides districts during racial incidents through joint problem-solving and education.

Having recently been notified of an upcoming 150% lease increase for our headquarters, we are in search of a new building or lease. Our vision is to create a vibrant community hub of education, trainings, support services, and meeting space for our METCO families right in their own neighborhood.

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