How do I enroll my child in METCO?

You will need:

  • Proof of residency: a mortgage, lease or utility bill with your current address
  • Birth certificate

Bring these to the METCO headquarters office at 40 Dimock Street, Roxbury, during business hours to complete an application. Our enrollment team will work with your family to prepare an enrollment folder, which will include school records.

Who is eligible to apply for METCO?

  • Any Boston resident may apply to METCO. Springfield residents should contract the Springfield School Department.
  • Students with special needs are welcome, though if existing special education placement determinations call for out-of-district placement, METCO may not be appropriate.

How are students selected to participate in METCO?

  • All students with completed applications are placed on a waiting list.
  • When partner school districts indicate the number of openings in each grade level, METCO forwards the corresponding number of applicants' enrollment folders to the districts as “referrals,” in the order they were submitted.
  • District partners place students in schools based on the availability of openings in particular grades, with preference given to siblings of current students and consideration given to reflect the racial composition of Boston schools.
  • No special consideration or prejudice is given to any applicant for entrance into the program, including their political affiliation, athletic or other recognized talent, or relationship to a METCO staff member.

Will students with special education needs be accommodated in METCO partner schools?

  • Yes. Metco districts are required to provide a full range of in-district special education services to eligible students. However, if a student has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that calls for an out-of-district placement, then the Metco district is not obligated to accept that student. In all other cases, however, whether for initial intake into the program or for continuation in the program, school districts must provide in-district special education services and must adhere to special education regulations. Students may only be placed in an out-of-district placement if both the METCO district and the sending district are in agreement that the student needs such a placement. If both districts agree to an out-of-district setting, then the responsibility for the student reverts to the sending district (Boston or Springfield).