The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc. (METCO) provides students with a strong academic foundation rich in cultural, educational, ethnic, socioeconomic, and racial diversity and fosters the opportunity for children from Boston and from neighboring suburbs to develop a deeper understanding of each other in an integrated public school setting.


The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc. (METCO) strives to be a leader in voluntary school integration within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and across the nation to promote school diversity, close the achievement gap, and overcome racial barriers.


  • We respect people, value a multi-racial society, and are committed to inclusion and educational equity.
  • We believe in the effectiveness of a cohesive and welcoming collaborative environment.
  • We maintain open and transparent decision-making processes.
  • We strive to be exceptional in all that we do by establishing and achieving high academic, social and emotional expectations.
  • We work to keep students central to our mission.


In 2017, METCO, Inc.'s Board of Directors embarked on the development of a strategic plan for the organization. They conducted a SWOT analysis, interviewing and obtaining survey data from hundreds of stakeholders (board members, METCO Directors, superintendents, Boston parents, suburban parents, Boston students, suburban students, and alumni.) The final strategy adopted in June 2018 identified four areas to achieve significant success and progress by 2021:

Leadership in Multiple Dimensions

By 2021 we will have developed a national reputation as a leader promoting school integration and cultural competence. Goals include:

  • Reclaim leadership position
  • Showcase METCO superstars and exemplary practices
  • Increase collaboration & partnership with METCO directors
  • Cultivate new partnerships

Improve and Grow

By 2021, we will have established transparent internal processes that assure its sustained, healthy functioning among all stakeholders (staff, directors, families, and districts). Primary staff positions will be filled, and incumbents will have a clear understanding of their roles and the interrelationships with the roles of other staff members and districts. Staff will know and feel fully responsible for and empowered to accomplish their assigned responsibilities on time and to a professional standard. Communication upward, downward and horizontally within METCOas well as to external stakeholderswill be at a level that facilitates these processes. A mutually supportive and constructive relationship will exist between the CEO and the Board. Goals include:

  • Implement new enrollment process
  • Implement a system of communications among all stakeholders and for fundraising
  • Develop a new organizational infrastructure
  • Increase capacity and efficiency of HQ operations


By 2021, through strategic and compelling communication and appeals, we will expand our network of donors and inspire increased year-over-year contributions that enable the organization to achieve and expand its program objectives. We will have a robust alumni engagement program that drives donations at every age cohort as evidence of program support. We will have formed collaborative partnerships with complementary organizations that advance our revenue and goals. Goals include:

  • Develop a fundraising strategy and goals
  • Build support from individual contributors
  • Obtain foundation grants
  • Cultivate major gifts
  • Solicit businesses/corporations
  • Host annual signature gala event

Marketing & Communications

By 2021, we will have expanded METCO’s presence and influence as well as enhanced its image and credibility inside and outside the organization by engaging with families (district and Boston) and continuously strengthening its brand while developing web, social media, and print materials which clearly present METCO's mission in a consistent manner.

  • Connect with METCO constituency: districts, parents, staff, board, alumni, national
  • Develop our elevator speech
  • Enhance website and social media
  • Actively recruit prospective families
  • Develop an alumni engagement strategy