33 suburban towns

are looking for Boston's diverse students

to enroll in their great schools next fall!

Through the historic METCO program, more than 3,200 diverse Boston students have been attending the best schools in Massachusetts each year since 1966.

Watch this video to learn why METCO is #worththeride!


From kindergarten through high school graduation, METCO students:

Take rigorous classes

Honors and AP, world languages, electives

Join engaging extracurriculars

Amazing sports facilities, arts, music, dance, international trips

Learn confidence and leadership

Support and opportunities for Black and Latinx students

Make lifelong friends with people of all backgrounds

Make connections that enhance your child's education and future

METCO is the nation's largest voluntary school desegregation program. Our communities are committed to racial integration, academic rigor, family engagement, and social-emotional support. With an average graduation rate of 97%, generations of METCO parents and guardians agree:


IMG_5302 (1)
Bryan Bailey (right) and friends walk down the hallway arm in arm.


METCO towns have a lot of resources and a commitment to Boston's diverse students going back to 1966. Be a part of history and build your child's future! Just complete an online application during an enrollment window and enter the lottery for referral to any one of the amazing METCO school districts.