As a METCO alum, you know how much it means to have another person of color step up and give you some academic support. During the pandemic, it's even more challenging to keep up and feel confident with your studies. That's why METCO HQ has started The Homework Club!

In the Homework Club, volunteer mentors are matched with METCO scholars between grades 3-5 to help them stay on track with their math and ELA learning. With one or two virtual meetings a week throughout the school year, students will strengthen organizational skills and get the work done. And METCO alumni can get to know a great student, give back to the community, and make a difference for the next generation!

Homework Club
  • One-on-one academic mentoring for METCO students from any district, grade 3-5
  • Live, online sessions via Zoom
  • Two 45-minute sessions or one 90-minute session each week
  • Throughout the school year except holidays