The METCO experience is unique and revealing of deep truths about American education and inequality. Meet three storytellers who used different media to collect the voices of METCO alumni and bring attention to issues like codeswitching, microaggressions, systemic racism, and the impact of cross-racial friendship and solidarity.
Mike Mascoll, METCO alum/filmmaker: On The Line: Where Sacrifice Begins and Codeswitching
Dr. Susan Eaton, Brandeis professor: The Other Boston Busing Story, Revised Edition
Jennifer De Leon, faculty, Framingham State: Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From and Wise Latinas
Moderated by METCO alum, Board member, and Lincoln/Sudbury METCO Director Shelly Hinds

Join the Board and leadership of METCO, Inc. for a celebration of the pride and resilience of the METCO community in 2020.

This school year brought change, loss, uncertainty, and protest. Through it all, METCO’s 3,150 children—and the adults who guide them—raised their voices to call for equity and justice. Look back at these extraordinary nine months, and preview the groundwork we are laying for a better future.

  • Bold innovations
  • Generous partnerships
  • Courageous proclamations
  • Virtual tour of the new METCO HQ in Nubian Square
  • Panel of METCO storytellers who are bringing the unique perspective of the nation’s largest voluntary school desegregation program to a wider audience.

Friday, December 11, 2020

4-6PM ET     VIA ZOOM     FREE